Answers to some questions you might have about garage organization, cabinets, flooring, shelving and more.




Q. What are the cabinets made of?

A. The cabinet box and doors are made from an industrial grade particleboard with a melamine (like formica) coating that is factory applied. All the horizontal pieces (shelves, tops and bottoms) are a full 1” thick – the vertical pieces (doors and sides) are ¾” thick. The cabinet backs are ¼” melamine covered tempered masonite. Each individual part is edge banded on 4 sides before assembly to seal it from any moisture intrusion.

Q. How are they put together?

A. The parts are all pre-drilled for assembly using a specialized European system called Confirmat. These wide diameter screws are made to be inserted into industrial particle board and have amazing holding power. The cabinet back sits in a four sided dado joint and is captured by the bottom, top and sides. There are no staples or nails used anywhere in the construction.

Q. I see the cabinets don’t have any legs or toe kicks, why is that?

A. There are a few reasons. First, most garages have a slope to the floor so that water can drain out. By hanging the cabinets level we avoid having to scribe to that slope which can be time consuming. Leaving a clear space under the cabinets also allows the owners to easily sweep and discourages critters from taking up residence there. Any water that may accumulate on the floor can’t wick up into the cabinet. The final reason is that it looks good.

Q. Yes, but aren’t you worried the cabinets will not support all that weight?

A. That’s why the Confirmat screw construction and the heavy duty thickness of the parts is so important. Combined with multiple attachment points, it allows us to wall hang the cabinets and provide wider openings for your belongings.

Q. What sizes are available?

A. We stock all the sizes that are typically required for a well designed layout. Because of the relatively large spaces, garages are fairly easy to work with compared to kitchens. 90% or better can be done using just the stock sizes and if needed we can customize from there.

Q. Do you have any cabinet interior options?

A. Yes, the cabinets come with adjustable shelves which are great for most uses but some people have requested things like a heavy-duty clothes rod or pull out shelves. We will entertain most ideas and if they turn out well we incorporate them into our standard offering.

Q. What colors do they come in?

A. The only color that we stock is the Hard Rock Maple. It’s the most popular color these days and is versatile enough for almost any color scheme. All the floor colors are complimented by the maple too. Other colors are available but may take longer to produce and may cost a little extra.

Q. How do I maintain them?

A. Since all the surfaces are melamine covered, a damp sponge with a household cleaner (Mr. Clean, Windex etc) is all you will need. Spilled liquids should be cleaned up as soon as possible but in general they will just sit on the surface.

Q. What about timeframes, how long do I have to wait and how much time does the installation take?

A. Since we have the parts in stock and the assembly time is minimal, most jobs can be started as soon as the order is placed. Our installation schedule varies throughout the year but we generally have enough flexibility to take care of the customer’s requested timeframe. Most customers like to schedule in advance to give them time to have a garage sale / clean-up before we start. The actual installation is usually one but sometimes two days, depending on the size and complexity of the job. When we are doing the floor as well, the floor is always done first.



Q. What is this stuff?

A. Its a combination of epoxy and polyurethane resins, the color chips are a PVA vinyl.

Q. Your floor samples look like tiles, is it laid down like a tile?

A. No, the sample product has to be applied to something (and the masonite is a lot easier to carry around than concrete) but this product is rolled onto the floor and is therefore seamless.

Q. Then what’s the installation procedure?

A. Its a four step process. If the floor has an existing coat of paint it must be removed by a diamond grinding process. We then apply a two-part epoxy primer.  Step two we patch and fill any cracks or defects and roll out a coat of 100% solids epoxy that acts as a binder for the PVA chips. The chips are thrown into the wet epoxy until they pile up high enough to stay dry.  Step three consists of sweeping and scraping the excess chips until all that is left are the chips that are fully bonded to the epoxy. Later that same day the first finish coat of polyurethane resin is rolled out. Step four is the second and final finish coat.

Q. Why use polyurethane as a finish coat, I’ve seen flooring systems advertised that are plain epoxy finishes?

A. We use a high solids, aliphatic polyurethane that is more expensive than epoxies but has better resistance to UV light, chemical spills and performs better under heavy traffic. The epoxies have a superior adhesion to the raw concrete so that’s where we use it.

Q. I have oil stains, can you still apply this product over them?

A. Most oil stains can be taken out with an industrial detergent and vigorous scrubbing. If we are uncertain about the job, a test patch may be prudent.

Q. My floor already has paint on it, can you go over that?

A. No, any paint or sealer needs to be taken off. These types of systems require clean open pored concrete to get the best adhesion possible. The preparation method we use removes any paint layers.

Q. Will anything stain or harm my new floor?

A. The urethane we use as a finish coat is resistant to most liquids that would drip out of a lawnmower, car, or golf cart . The materials and processes we use are identical to those found in industrial or commercial applications. Vehicle or foot traffic is not a problem. Reasonable care is always rewarded by extended service however. If you drag a 500 pound safe across the floor you are likely to damage it. Don’t do that.

Q. What should I clean it with?

A. Wipe up any automotive spills with a paper towel. For general cleaning a clear ammonia and water solution (Windex) with a string mop works fine, avoid soapy cleansers that dull the shine and may create slippery conditions.

Q. How long will a floor like this last?

A. This type of flooring has been around since the 60’s and there are installations from that era that still look fine. Since the system is really a commercial grade specification it should last for 8 to 10 years without showing any excessive wear. At that time it can be recoated with a urethane to refresh the glossiness.

Q. What do I do with all the stuff in my garage while you guys work?

A. Most customers use this as an opportunity to thin out some of the things stored in the garage. Have a garage sale or call a charity. The rest can be temporarily stored in a back patio or side yard location. If those options don’t work you can rent a POD for a week of lockable covered storage. We assume the room will be cleaned out when we get there unless you make special arrangements with us.

Q. How long should I wait to park my car on the new floor?

A. In about 24 hours the floor will tolerate light foot traffic. In 3-4 days the floor will be ready to drive on. The full hardening process is complete in 7-10 days.


Q. What is the StoreWall product made out of?

A. The panels are made of extruded PVC plastic; this makes it immune to damage from water.

Q. How are they fastened to the wall?

A. The methods vary according to the wall type; stud walls on 16” centers get two color matched screws through the face of the panel into each stud, a 15” x 96” panel would typically get 10 screws.

Q. The product brochure shows different colors, are they available?

A. We stock the Dover White color because it’s the most versatile and goes with the cabinets and flooring systems. Other colors are available by special order for additional cost and time.

Q. Can I get more accessories later if I want?

A. Of course, we give you a product catalog to choose from and you can place the order with us. The factory will ship direct to you.