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3 Types of Garage Floor Finishes

While you may not think of garage floor finishes as something that is particularly exciting, in reality, the appearance of the ground can truly change the entire personality and feel of the room. Most people in Sarasota use the space for parking their cars or boats, but many others utilize the area as a workspace, a spot for the kids to play, as an at-home office, or as a studio. There are endless uses, and the flooring you choose can lend itself to a better experience.

Polyaspartic Coating

If you like working on your car, do a lot of power tool work, fancy yourself a DIY-er, or simply like being handy and tinkering, then garage floor finishes are crucial to the safety and success of your projects. With polyaspartic coating, you can be sure that your Sarasota home will be safe and that you will be in a controlled environment. Polyaspartic coating:

Does not chip, dent, crack, fade, or peelIs resistant to chemicals, stains, burns, heat, humidity, and UV raysCan be applied to any solid concrete surface

While this coating is very popular in areas like Sarasota, a successful application absolutely depends on proper preparation of the ground beforehand. Without it, the materials will not set properly. To make sure that everything goes perfectly according to plan and that your garage floor finishes will last for decades, call a pro like Park Place for installation.

Vinyl Flooring and Garage Floor Tiles

Vinyl flooring is incredibly diverse when it comes to color and style options. Whether you choose to go for tiles or you would prefer the simplicity of roll-out mats, you can select from a broad variety of options. Mats come in rubber-based styles that provide more “give,” which makes them good for play areas where people will be directly on the ground. Garage floor finishes done with vinyl composite tiles are usually composed of a polyvinyl substance that comes in any color you can imagine.

Park Place Garage - Your Garage Floor Finishes Specialists

When you want to turn your boring parking area into a comfortable, functional space where you can get a ton of work done in a safe way, look to Park Place for seamless polyaspartic coatings. Our garage floor finishes are professionally applied, are designed to last, and come with a 15-year warranty. We know you want your Sarasota home to be the envy of the neighborhood, so when you need to amp up your space, give us a call at (813) 380-6965 and we will set you up for success!

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