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Why Hire a Garage Storage Company

Some people have never considered hiring a garage storage company for their Sarasota home, not because they don’t see the value in it, but because they don’t realize such services exist. Not only can professional organizers help you de-clutter and re-organize this junk-collecting part of your home, but they can help you design, install and implement the best solutions and tools for maintaining this new space of yours. Park Place specializes in helping homeowners devise the best solutions for their garage based on their specific lifestyle and needs.

Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

Most people use their garage as a place to put miscellaneous items that they don’t have a proper place for anywhere else in their home. From bicycles and tools, to lawn equipment and seasonal items, most homeowners in Sarasota consider this room of their home to be nothing more than storage space—and a messy one at that.

However, by hiring a garage storage company, you can watch this often neglected area of your transform from a “junk room” to a fully functional room. It might even become one of your favorite parts of the house!

Sometimes the hardest part is coming to terms with the fact that there is a better purpose this room could serve than what it’s currently being used as. With the services of a professional garage storage company, you will have the ability to turn what is now an overcrowded, dingy room that you don’t even have room to actually park your car in, into a work office, work room, man cave, or anything else you need.

Though most people would benefit from having another room in their home to be able to work or hang out in, you don’t need to turn it into a fully-finished room to reap the benefits of having it re-organized. Believe it or not, there is a way to organize your garage so that everything is accessible without being cluttered.

Garage Storage Company Services in Tampa

At Park Place, we don’t just help you organize. Our professionals will come to your home to assess your needs and offer you customized solutions that will help you reinvent the room—from the ceiling to the floor. Some of our most popular services and solutions include:

Polyaspartic flooring. It’s amazing how much more appealing your garage is when you no longer have a stained, deteriorating surface covering it. Our seamless floor coatings are made with high quality resins and catalyst that make them virtually indestructible, and weather resistant, which is ideal for the often harsh weather and climate conditions experienced here in Sarasota. Overhead storage space. With SafeRacks, you immediately eliminate most of the messy appearance of the room by storing your items in safe, secure and aesthetically-pleasing overhead racks. Out of sight, out of mind! StoreWALL. Our garage storage company uses storeWALL systems that are extremely durable and use a modular tongue and groove fastening system that makes customization a breeze.

To learn more about our services, of if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with a garage storage company in Sarasota, give Park Place a call today! Call (813) 380-6965 or (727) 528-7569

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