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One of the simplest and most economical ways to organize is with garage storage shelves. Selecting the best garage storage system is important because all overhead metal shelving systems are not created equal. SafeRacks are constructed using industrial strength with consumer safety in mind. If you are a home owner with a new or older house in Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete or Sarasota, Florida we have a great way for you to organize your garage that won’t cost a small fortune. Even though SafeRacks are economical, they are built to last for years.

Why SafeRacks Are Your Best Shelving Option

Our SafeRack overhead garage shelving systems are:

Are you looking at that special room in your home where there is no place to park your car because of the clutter of bikes, toys, lawn mowers, golf clubs, tools and holiday decorations? Park Place can help you organize that space with SafeRacks overhead garage storage shelves. This powder coated metal storage system is extremely adaptable and strong. You will be able to get all that clutter off the floor and put it away while keeping it easily accessible for when you need it.

  • Of the highest quality available in the industry

  • Cost a fraction of the price of installing cabinets

  • Offer flexible designs custom for any garage space

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Saferacks 3

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Saferacks 1

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Saferacks 4

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Many companies that provide organizing systems push stock or custom cabinets. These cabinets often look good on the outside are built using poor construction and materials to maximize job profits. These poor quality cabinets often fail because they are not made for the Florida climate including the high heat and humidity levels we experience in Tampa, St Pete, Clearwater or Sarasota. At Park Place we believe in helping our clients to find the garage storage system that best fits their budget and lifestyle.

Sometimes people feel that because it is only the garage, they should use cheap products. This is not true. Any materials used in this space, which connects the inside and outside of your home, must be stronger than required for the inside to last. SafeRacks garage storage shelves fit the bill for fit, finish and durability.

If you desire a well-organized garage where everything is in its place, Park Place can help. We will get the clutter, toys and yard work tools off the floor.The items you want put away yet still be easily retrievable can be put in overhead garage storage shelves. These metal shelves will hold up to 600 lbs. of your stored items. SafeRacks powder coated finish is designed to withstand even the harshest climates including the waterfront areas in Tampa and Hillsborough County and the Pinellas Gulf Coast beach areas of Clearwater and St Petersburg as well as Sarasota.

Are you are ready to pull in and park your car in a clutter free space? Would you like to open the door and not feel embarrassed by the way things look? Imagine how nice it would feel to have everything organized and put away but still be able to easily find it. At Park Place we have the answers you’ve been looking for. We have served the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years and are ready to help you today.

Call us at (813) 380-6965 for Hillsborough County and (727) 528-7569 in Pinellas for a free design and organizing consultation. We are ready to help you make the mess go away for good.


You can buy our saferacks and install them yourself or we can install them for you by one of our friendly & courteous staff. When you call Resist-All Garage Storage Solutions you will get a live person who can schedule one of our team to come out for a free consultation & customized installation plan that meets your storage needs.


When we come to your home we will discuss with you your storage needs and customize a plan to meet your needs at no charge to you.


Whether you have an SUV or an RV or you have 8' ceilings or 16' ceilings we can customize and install to your needs. On installation day our licensed and insured installers will make sure the job is done to your satisfaction and most jobs get completed within 1 day. Our installers make sure all debris is cleaned up before departing.


Resist-All has over 28 years of experience behind them in the local community in Pinellas County, Fl. We are experienced in working with one customer at a time and customizing products and services to meet your needs.

You can always expect to receive Quality, Honesty & Integrity from us.