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Previously used by only businesses and retails, slat walls have become a vital part of garage organization systems in residential homes.  At Park Place Garage we have been using the storeWALL Heavy Duty™ garage shelving systems for our customers in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and Sarasota for years due to their endless benefits and advantages.

What Are Slat Walls?

This storage system allows you to maximize the space you have. They are a type of wall shelving in the form of an indoor paneling system perfect for workshops and man caves.  The horizontally slotted panels work by using a tongue and groove system that tightly locks together.  Once in place, slat walls allow for a completely customizable and versatile wall storage system.  A variety of slat wall accessories and hardware, such as hooks, baskets, shelves, brackets, and bins make organizing easier than ever.

Not only are these wall shelves affordable and clean looking, but they are also easy to install and maintain.

  • Simple design and easy installation. Because of the way the storeWALL™ systems are designed, their accessories provide a multitude of uses for the wall storage including:

    • Baskets/bins

    • Hooks

    • Hanging rods

    • Shelving

    • Versatility. These systems are interchangeable and can also be used to store/display just about anything you have (tools, bicycles, clothing, etc.). The “L slot” design will allow you to quickly change and adapt the storage systems as needed.

    • Aesthetic appeal. Slat walls come in a variety of different finishes to choose from. You can select the color and material that best reflects the personality of your home and family. Our materials are easily maintained and have superior aesthetics, such as natural wood grain patterns. Because they are made with a simple design they offer an organized and clean look that will improve the overall value of your home!

    • Convenience. You’ll have peace of mind knowing where everything is when you need it. Navigating your garage will be a breeze, making your life that much more convenient.

Benefits of Slat Walls:

Having the ability to reorganize and reclaim your cluttered garage will not only allow you to keep track of all your items, but will also make them easily accessible when needed. Also, no drilling holes or permanently mounting hardware is required! storeWALL Heavy Duty™ wall storage systems will allow you to turn your home’s junk bin into the space you’ll always wanted, whether that be an in-home workshop, a game room, a man-cave, or just a good ‘ole organized garage!

How will wall shelves make my garage better?


We choose storeWALL Heavy Duty™ wall storage systems because they are specifically designed for convenience and effectiveness. Their exclusive HangUps™ fastener system and Splice-N-Seam™ panels make for a seamless installation process. They are made with waterproof and sun resistant materials, making them the ideal garage shelving systems to use in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and Sarasota homes where climates can get harsh.


Sometimes people choose peg boards as a wall storage alternative, and while they are similar to slat walls in their intended purpose, peg boards are far less durable and reliable. They also usually only come in one color.


If you are interested in transforming your cluttered garage into a place you actually enjoy being in, it’s time to call Park Place Garage of Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, and St. Pete, Florida today. We will also incorporate storage cabinets, SafeRack overhead shelving and seamless, epoxy garage floor finishes that will have turn your unsightly, mass of cluster and random items into an organized, appealing room with purpose and value! If you’re interested in a free quote, give us a call at (813) 380-6965.